“We aim to be a

pure responsible brand”


WECY was founded on the same day as our first daughter's birth, and in that moment, we realized that we couldn't single-handedly change the world, but together we could make a difference.

Our mission is to create a sustainable activewear brand with full transparency that empowers all women and cares for the planet we call home. We are thrilled that you have chosen an active lifestyle in WECY sportswear.

As parents, we understand the importance of creating a better and more sustainable planet for our children. We are passionate about living sustainably, without sacrificing comfort or style. We know that the planet is not ours to keep forever, but we want to make sure it is healthy and sustainable for generations to come. That's why we treat the planet as if we plan to stay here forever.

At WECY, we are committed to our vision of creating modern, elegant, and comfortable workout clothes within a responsible brand. We use eco-friendly and sustainable materials produced in Europe to minimize transportation and reduce our carbon footprint.

We believe in full transparency, so you can trust that your WECY purchase is a positive step towards a better world.

Thank you for choosing to support WECY ❤️ and our efforts to make a positive impact on our planet and its inhabitants.

Together, we can make a difference!

WECY is a planet-driven brand, where responsibility is our keyword and the soul of everything we create. Our values guide us in every design and decision we make. We believe that there's a lot of trash out there, but we see an opportunity to turn it into something fashionable that empowers women through sportswear. Using fabrics that make a purpose and create a change is important to us.

We focus on using recycled materials, which means we pick up post-consumer waste and turn it into something fresh and new. We're committed to making a real difference with our materials, like using ECONYL® Italian high-quality recycled nylon, to create sculpting sportswear that empowers women.

As a fully transparent brand, we're determined to be a game-changer and reshape the sports fashion industry for the better. Read more about our work and commitment to the planet HERE.

Remember, the world is yours, and we're here to help you make a positive impact.

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