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We want to create a change in the sports industry! We believe in full transparency, because with full transparency you can make educated choices, and consume well-chosen products that last a long time and create minimal impact on our earth.






The fashion industry is historically opaque - filled with fog and reflections, which means that both as companies and individuals, we cannot connect our choices with their impact on the planet. When the fog clears and everything is revealed, the industry struggles to meet the demand for "sustainable fashion". Unfortunately, there is no such thing. Every garment we buy has a story and affects our planet. Despite the industry's introduction of new concepts such as "Green", "Conscious",

"Recycled", and "Offset", it is important to remember that none of these words solve the problem. These words can confuse and make us think we have solved the problem of sustainable fashion. What we need is more transparency and responsibility from the fashion industry so that we can make fact-based decisions when choosing our clothes. This will help us reduce our impact on the planet and make the fashion industry more sustainable in the long run.

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We are always looking for new ways to reduce our environment impact.

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RE-cycled re-used re-duse

Our super beautiful products are made from exclusive high quality Italian fabrics created from recycled material

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We use recycled material cleaned from the sea and landscape. In this way we reduce the energy and the number of new raw materials on the market and in this way we save on the earth's resources.

Let's talk Trash & ECO NYL®

ECO NYL® Regressen nylon is a sustainable material made by recycling discarded fishing nets and other plastic waste. Each fabric is unique because the waste found in the sea and on beaches is recycled, giving each product a unique touch since each material is unique and has its own story. By using ECO NYL® products, you can be sure that you are contributing to a more sustainable future while getting a high-quality and durable product. By recycling waste, we contribute to reducing resources and energy use. How the magic happens The process of making ECO nyl from waste to fabric is a multi-stage process that typically involves the

Following steps:

Collection: Fishing nets and other plastic waste are collected from the sea, beaches, or collection systems.

Sorting: The collected waste is sorted by type and quality. This is an essential part of the process since different types of plastic waste require different treatment.

Washing: The collected waste is washed and cleaned thoroughly to remove all debris and contaminants. Crushing: The clean waste is crushed into smaller pieces to prepare it for recycling.

Melting: The crushed plastic pieces are melted down into a malleable mass in a special oven.

Spinning: The molten mass is pressed through a spinning wheel to create threads of different thicknesses and lengths.

Weaving: The threads are then used to weave the fabric together into the desired structure and thickness.

Dyeing and finishing: The fabric can then be dyed and treated to achieve the desired properties and qualities.

Voila! Waste has never looked so good.

Prints: Our prints is OEKO-TEX® 100 certificated


Our goal is to always develop exclusive products with less impact on earth, that includes all the details that come with each product.

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Our world has a memory on all waste so let it be as less as it can be

Each detail that is wrapped around each product is limited produced & timelessed designed to last shifting trends 

Product bag

We love working with natural ingredients and are proud that our product bags are made out of mixed natural resources such as corn starch, sugarcane and cassava roots, which makes our products transportation and mositure safe & industrial compostable.


Our paper mailingbags are made out of recycled papers and ready to be reused wich means that you easily can reuse them for your next shipping, Isn´t it great! For each productionorder our production supplier reuse boxes as much as possible to eliminate in-house packaging waste.


Our hangtags is produced with bluesign certification.


Swedish forestes is the moste magnificent in the world, they are beautiful when they stand tall in the forests but also beautiful as our cardboard paper. Locally & conscious produced.


We want to keep the numbers of accessories down and one way in this direction is to cancel the wash care labels and turn them in to wash care prints and if they are washed away you always find the wash care instruction digital on our web page.

Desiged with Passion

passion Behind our seams

Without our factories our products would not exist, for us it is important to choose factories with fair working conditions and living wages.

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It is important that our suppliers work with responsible production for the environment, by, among other things, using sustainable energy, purifying the water used and using a minimal amount of chemicals.


We design limited amount of pieces with timeless design that stands the shifting trends. 


Without our partners we wouldn't have any products, we are proud to say that we work with producers that have a conscious production that avoid waste and prefer ecological and recycled materials, they source local materials and trims as a first choice. With in Europe to enshoure etnical and good salerys. Working envoriment.

ur producers has ISO certifications ISO9001:2015 in Quality management and ISO14001:2015 in Environmental management.


We always start from the same fit on all our models so we can minimize fabric waste and reduce the number of samples produced.

All samples we make that are portable  will be out for sell, the rest are recycled to have the possibility of being used for other purposes.


Transportation will never be sustainable, it will always affect the earth but let's make it as low as we can.

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At WECY we prioritize supporting local production to reduce transportation and lower CO2 emissions. We also exclusively work with transportation companies that either neutralize or compensate for their carbon footprint. Although our freight costs may be slightly higher, we take pride in using conscious transportation methods.

Our team always seeks out the most efficient and eco-friendly ways to transport products from our facility to your doorstep.

Our production suppliers uses DPD, a delivery service that has made significant strides towards achieving carbon neutrality.

To further minimize transportation, we prioritize keeping production facilities close to our fabric, accessories, and warehouses.

Return labels

We took a decision from start to not send return labels with your orders. Kind of annoying, we know, but it helps save a laot of paper!

Desiged with Passion
Desiged with Passion

revolution starts with you

We think responsible sportswear should be for everyone and always developing more sizes in to our product range, today we offers XS-XXL

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It takes time to develop the perfect product with reduced impact. Both in  to find the right fabrics and accessories but also to calculate the  footprint, which is why we invest in responsibly produced products with full transparency to show you full access into our work.

To make a change takes time, together can we all make a change and the revolution starts with you today! 

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